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System Overview

Mee Pya Tike is the first and only one text chat platform for emotional support for Myanmar people by Myanmar language. It’s free, private and anonymous so the user can easily start chatting with available volunteer supporters. An anonymous user can chat one by one with a supporter who is trained to support using Android or iOS App. The user can type Zawgyi or Unicode for text chatting.


1) The Supporters have roles so user can select suitable Supporters to chat with.

2) The user can check their mental health conditions by Assessment.

3) The user can search for counsellors and psycho-social supporters by Directory.


Architecture diagram

Development scale

Support both Android and IOS using Flutter (Cross Platform).

Development period

1.5 years Development Period

Scope of Development

We have started collecting detail requirements from the customer side. After we got detail requirements, we have created mock designs and confirm with the customer. After we got confirmation from the customer side, we started mobile app development. After development, we started unit testing, integration testing and user acceptance testing by confirmation with the customer side. Finally, we have released mobile apps (released Android App at Google Play Store and iOS App at Apple Store).

What kind of skills did you get?


Chan Myae Thu

I have got knowledge of Flutter using MVC design pattern, using the firebase database (Firestore) and no SQL database nature with Flutter.

Moh Moh Aye

I have got knowledge of Flutter using MVC design pattern and using the firebase realtime database with Flutter.

What is the thing that you struggled with the most?


Chan Myae Thu

Struggle with UI creation, synchronization between supporter and user while chatting with timer, to be ok for the old user when adding DB column for modification, inserting data in the database because of no result from firebase for insertion, using Myanmar Language in Flutter (for both Zawgyi and Unicode), latest flutter version is not ok for both Android and IOS in runtime for some third party library and Android/IOS different nature (e.g loading, notification).

Moh Moh Aye

Struggle with life-cycle of objects/widgets in Flutter for the first time and some conditions to control UI and Data.