What We Do as SI Provider

We provide system integration services that enhance your business drastically.

We are focusing exclusively on high quality and cost-effective software development and implementation of services.

We are familiar with the latest technologies and can make both Web systems & Mobile apps.

Expertise (Technologies)

Programming Languages & Frameworks
Java, Python, PHP, Swift, Spring Boot, Django, Flask, Laravel

Database Management System
MariaDB, MySQL, Postgre SQL, SQLite

Mobile OS, Platform
Android, iOS, Flutter

Server OS
Windows, Linux

Successfully Accomplished Projects

Telematics Service Provider

IoT System on AWS

Securities Company

Customer Point System

Supplement Company

Goods Promotion App

Private School

Communication App

Domestic Airline

Flight Booking System & App

International Airline

Flight Booking System & App

Our Own Services

HR Management Service

e-Learning Service

Speak Myanmar

Burmese Phrases for English Speakers

Product Offerings


HR Solution, attendance and payroll for your business in Myanmar.


Web app for e-Learning service

Security and Warranty


  • Execute a test based on an elaborate test plan with deep knowledge
  • Solid countermeasure for SQL injection & XSS
  • Data encoding & encryption
  • SSL
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • etc.


All defects that are found in 90 days after delivery due to our fault will be fixed at no additional cost.

Contact Details



1st Floor 13/15 Thadi Pahtan Street, Tamwe Township, Yangon, Myanmar