Java Training Course

Java Training Course for beginners. Starting from Java Basic, students can learn Database SQL, JDBC (Java Database connection), Servlet & JSP (Web system development with Java) and Spring (Java Framework). Total 224 Hr Plan

Education Service

1.Train professional developers

We are providing our education service to develop professional developers by many Hands-on exercises and instructors with many practical development experiences.

2.From Beginner to Intermediate

Beginners are welcome. Most of our graduates have started from beginners. We can also train experienced students to more high skilled developers.

3.Weekly report with evaluation

Instructors submit weekly report with progress and evaluation to the person in charge of educating students. Also, instructors give some feedback to their students.

4.E-Learning for home review

Students can use our original e-Learning ‘StudySmile’ and can check same text materials as ones at our school for preparation or review at home. All students can get their own free e-Learning account.

5.Individual instruction

Not only lectures for all students, each instructor give individual instruction for each student responding to each student’s understanding.

6.Repeat exercises

Lectures(Basic knowledge) -> Text materials (Deep understanding) -> Exercises(Basic skill) -> Practical Exercises(Advanced skill).By repeating this cycle, students can get more practical skills.

Training Cycle

Background of Our Education Service

OUR Instructor

Ye Win

(The blogger, speaker and dedicated Java Developer)

He has excellent skill at Java, Javascript, Python, PHP, C++ and most recent success at Myanmar Effective Programmer (

Day Job: Director @Tech Fun Myanmar
Night/Weekend Job: Trainer @Tech Fun Myanmar, Technical Writer @MEP