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Working from home experience

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Equality Myanmar has been postponed all the activities from 30 March all the staff have been working from home according to the request of the government.

There’re too many distractions while working at home and I struggle with them. But it reduces the chance of catching coronavirus when we don’t need to go outside to work. Staying at home and working from home is safer for us and our families, and saves time. The main problem for me is the change in environment is disruptive when it comes to holding meetings, and there are problems with the internet connection and loss of electricity. At the office, when we needed to talk to people in different departments, we could stop by their desks for a brief chat. Even on busy days, we didn’t feel tired, because the interaction with colleagues energized me.

As we believe we can avoid separating of COVID-19 by staying at home in the case of the pandemic situation has not improved enough, we extend work from home period until 22 June 2020. From that day we going to attended office with rotation system two days per week. All the physical activities are postponed. Everyone is facing similar challenges and anxieties today, but there’s nothing we can do about it. So, it’s best to get through this by doing what we have to do. I hope we all get through this situation together as best we can.

Author: si_techfunmmr